ABCD1 p.Leu107Pro

Predicted by SNAP2: A: D (80%), C: D (63%), D: D (95%), E: D (91%), F: D (80%), G: D (95%), H: D (95%), I: D (71%), K: D (95%), M: D (59%), N: D (95%), P: D (95%), Q: D (91%), R: D (95%), S: D (91%), T: D (91%), V: D (75%), W: D (91%), Y: D (91%),
Predicted by PROVEAN: A: D, C: D, D: D, E: D, F: D, G: D, H: D, I: N, K: D, M: N, N: D, P: D, Q: D, R: D, S: D, T: D, V: N, W: D, Y: D,

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[hide] Korenke GC, Roth C, Krasemann E, Hufner M, Hunneman DH, Hanefeld F
Variability of endocrinological dysfunction in 55 patients with X-linked adrenoleucodystrophy: clinical, laboratory and genetic findings.
Eur J Endocrinol. 1997 Jul;137(1):40-7., [PMID:9242200] [PubMed]

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