ABCC3 p.Arg1138Gln

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PMID: 18220559 [PubMed] Yu XQ et al: "Multidrug resistance associated proteins as determining factors of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs."
No. Sentence Comment
406 MRP Chromosomal location Amino acid variation Nucleotide variation Location References Lys13Asn G39GC Exon1 His68Tyr C202T Exon2 Ser346Phe C1037T Exon9 Gln513Lys C1537A Exon12 Arg1297His G3890A Exon27 MRP3 17q21.3 Gly1423Arg G4267A Exon29 [241] MRP4 13q32.1 Unknown MRP5 3q27 Unknown L63L W64R 189G>C 190T>C Exon2 Exon2 [250] T364R Q378X 1091C>G 1132C>T Exon9 Exon9 [260, 261] R518X R518Q 1552 C>T 1553G>A Exon12 Exon12 [247, 262] R1141X R1138Q T1130M R1114C M1127T 3421C>T 3413G>A 3389C>T 3340C>T 3380C>T Exon24 Exon24 Exon24 Exon24 Exon24 [246, 247] R1275X 3823C>T Exon27 [246] P1346S 4036C>T Exon28 [246] MRP6 16p13.1 E1400K 4198G>A Exon29 [247] MRP7 6p12-21 Unknown MRP8 16q12.1 Unknown MRP9 16q12.1 Unknown CONCLUSIONS AND FUTURE DIRECTIONS MRPs which belong to the ABC transporter family are able to transport a remarkable array of diverse endo- and xenobiotics and their metabolites.
ABCC3 p.Arg1138Gln 18220559:406:438
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