ABCC6 p.Gly1327Glu

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PMID: 20799350 [PubMed] Kelly L et al: "Functional hot spots in human ATP-binding cassette transporter nucleotide binding domains."
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72 Predictions of the Functional Effects of 40 nsSNPs in ABC Transporters Comon name HUGO name Mutation NBD Prediction BSEP ABCB11 E592Q NBD1 Neutral BSEP ABCB11 N591S NBD1 Neutral BSEP ABCB11 Q558H NBD1 Neutral BSEP ABCB11 V444A NBD1 Neutral BSEP ABCB11 E1186K NBD2 Disease MDR1 ABCB1 P1051A NBD2 Neutral MDR1 ABCB1 S1141T NBD2 Neutral MDR1 ABCB1 T1256K NBD2 Disease MDR1 ABCB1 V1251I NBD2 Neutral MDR1 ABCB1 W1108R NBD2 Disease MRP2 ABCC2 I670T NBD1 Disease MRP2 ABCC2 L849R NBD1 Disease MRP2 ABCC2 C1515Y NBD2 Disease MRP3 ABCC3 D770N NBD1 Neutral MRP3 ABCC3 K718M NBD1 Neutral MRP3 ABCC3 T809M NBD1 Disease MRP3 ABCC3 V765L NBD1 Disease MRP3 ABCC3 Q1365R NBD2 Disease MRP3 ABCC3 R1297H NBD2 Disease MRP3 ABCC3 R1348C NBD2 Disease MRP3 ABCC3 R1381S NBD2 Disease MRP4 ABCC4 G487E NBD1 Disease MRP4 ABCC4 K498E NBD1 Neutral MRP4 ABCC4 R1220Q NBD2 Neutral MRP4 ABCC4 T1142M NBD2 Neutral MRP4 ABCC4 V1071I NBD2 Neutral MRP6 ABCC6 I1330L NBD1 Neutral MRP6 ABCC6 I742V NBD1 Neutral MRP6 ABCC6 P664S NBD1 Neutral MRP6 ABCC6 R724K NBD1 Neutral MRP6 ABCC6 R769K NBD1 Neutral MRP6 ABCC6 A1291T NBD2 Neutral MRP6 ABCC6 E1369K NBD2 Neutral MRP6 ABCC6 G1327E NBD2 Disease MRP6 ABCC6 L1416R NBD2 Disease MRP6 ABCC6 R1268Q NBD2 Disease MRP6 ABCC6 R1461H NBD2 Disease MXR ABCG2 I206L NBD1 Neutral MXR ABCG2 P269S NBD1 Disease MXR ABCG2 Q141K NBD1 Neutral nsSNPs.
ABCC6 p.Gly1327Glu 20799350:72:1139
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