ABCC3 p.Arg1492Trp

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PMID: 16006996 [PubMed] Conseil G et al: "Polymorphisms of MRP1 (ABCC1) and related ATP-dependent drug transporters."
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56 In the kidney, glomeruli and distal collecting tubules express MRP1, and, in the brain, MRP1 appears to form part of the drug permeability barrier Fig. 1 CF (CFTR/ABCC7) Q1291R E1228G Q1238R G1244E/V G1247R G1249R S1251N S1255P/L W1282G/R/C R1283K/M N1303K Y1307C E1321Q K1351E Q1352H R1268Q V1298F T1301I G1302R A1303P R1314W/Q G1321S R1339C Q1347H I1350L G1354R D1361N Q1382R A1450T R1347E R1351P V1359G/M S1368A G1377R G1382S R1392H R1419C R1435Q G1477R G1479R R1492W E1505K DJS (MRP2/ABCC2) NBD1 NBD2 COOH MEMBRANE MSD MSD MSD 12131415161710116 7 8 91 23 4 5TM H2 N Extracellular Intracellular PXE (ABCC6) PHHI (SUR1/ABCC8) Two-dimensional structure of MRP-related proteins.
ABCC3 p.Arg1492Trp 16006996:56:464
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