ABCA4 p.Ala204Thr

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PMID: 17296903 [PubMed] Downs K et al: "Molecular testing for hereditary retinal disease as part of clinical care."
No. Sentence Comment
86 Novel Sequence Changes Gene* Nucleotide Change Amino Acid Change Potentially Pathogenic Changes ABCA4 164A → C H55P 611G → A A204T 868C → T R290W 1699G → A V567M 1726G → C D576H 1817G → A G606A 1964T → G L725I 2173C → A F655C 2297G → A G766D 2385C → G S795R 2401G→ A A801T 3076T → C F1026L 3138T → G L1046W 3414T → C L1138P 4256T → C M1419T 4535C → A P1512H 4849G → A V1617M 4870T → G W1624G 5026A → C T1676P IVS36 - 3G→ C Splice site change 5701C → A F1900L 5885T → A V1962D 6718A → G T2240A IVS42 ϩ 1G → A Intronic change RDS 667G → C C222S VMD2 174A → G Y29C 660T → C L191P 738G → T L217F 948G → A W287X 974A → G N296D Potentially Neutral Polymorphic Changes or Changes of Uncertain Significance ABCA4 320C → A R107R 1692A → G P562P 2823T → C C941C 4869C → G G1623G 5318C → T A1773V† 5390T → C C1797C IVS15 - 13T → C Intronic change IVS24 ϩ 46A → T Intronic change IVS35 ϩ 8G → A Intronic change IVS40 - 35A → C Intronic change IVS47 ϩ 29T → C Intronic change IVS50 - 131ins/del Intronic change EFEMP1 399C → A G133G RDS IVS3 ϩ 13C → T Intronic change *The genes are described in the second footnote to Table 1.
ABCA4 p.Ala204Thr 17296903:86:137
status: NEW
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